Dividend Policy & Payment


The Company has a policy to pay dividends at the rate of not less than 50% of net profit from separate financial statements after deduction of corporate income tax and after appropriation of statutory reserve as required by law and as specified in the Company’s Articles of Association.  There must be no accumulated losses on Shareholders’ Equity.

These dividend payments are subject to change depend on the current Company financial performance, financial position and investment plan.

Historical Dividend Payment Information

as of April 21, 2022

Security Performance Period Basic loss per share Dividend payout per share Dividend Payout Ratio (%)
DCORP 2015 (2.10)
DCORP 2016 (0.17)
DCORP 2017 (0.26)
DCORP 2018 (0.83)
DCORP 2019 (0.27)
DV8 2020 0.01
DV8 2021 0.03